Around Clara
Petra is about 65 kilometers from the capital of the island, Mytilene.

Petra seems to be inhabited since antiquity as evidenced by the fact that in Keramidaria, just 600 meters from the village of Petra is an ancient cemetery.
Saint Mary’s Church “Glykofilousa”
Hilight of the village is the 40 meters rock, which dominates the area and the top of it stands the Church of Saint Mary (Panagia) Glykofiloussa. Built in the 18th century, is one of the most popular religious destinations of our island and to reach, you have to climb 114 steps.
Photo of Our Saint Mary “Glykofilousa” of Petra*

On the same road of Petra’s Church “Glykofilousa”, is the church of St. Nicholas. It is a basilica church, with frescoes of the 16th century, the most dominating one, describing the execution of Judah.

This is among the most developed touristic places on the island. In the beautiful village square called “Agora” with its cobbled alleys, you will find all kinds of shops, restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars open from morning till night.

Walk through the so beautiful alleys of the village which are full of neoclassical mansions built in the 19th and 20th century, with lush gardens and beautiful knockers on doors. A typical example is the Mansion of Vareltzidinas, which is a unique architectural mansion on the island and is famous for its interior decoration as its beautiful frescoes, which is preserved as a museum.

In the bay of the beach of Petra, just opposite and few minutes away,  the visitor can observe three uninhabited islets, of which the largest  is called “Saint George”, the other called “Glaronisi” and the smallest one, called “Ants”.  It is a protected environmental area for wild birds and an ecological observatory.

The Agricultural Woman Association of Petra, was the first one that was founded in Europe, started in 1983 and has many activities such as production of traditional sweets, jams and pasta.  All over the island, there are many Agricultural Women Associations, that produce local products and sweets.
Beach of Avlaki, is 200 meters from our hotel’s pool, is a small sandy beach, organized, with shallow waters which is ideal for children.

The sandy beach of Petra, just one kilometer away from our hotel, is three kilometers long and one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the island. The sea here has crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming and water sports, with many restaurants and cafes.

Kavaki is a lovely sheltered bay on the right side of the beach of Petra. Until you get there swim till you reach the wonderful beach bars that have been set up in recent years and have straw umbrellas and comfortable sunbeds in an environment with an attitude and style.

The beach of Anaxos, which is just one kilometer away from our hotel, has a magnificent sandy beach, approximately 2 kilometers with many traditional taverns and cafes and one of the most unique Sunset of the island.

Located 3.5 km from Anaxos, visitors will find the beautiful beaches of Tsichranta, a picturesque sandy beach with shallow waters ideal for children in a verdant glen and Ambelia a beautiful pebble beach.
Historic Walking Trail
To the south of Petra lays the abandoned mountain of village of Klapados. From there you can start hiking on a magical journey through from the beautiful municipal pine forest. Moving on, you will admire from above in all their glory Anaxos, Petra, Mithimna (Molyvos), the summer resort Eftalou and Skala Sikamnias.

Adjacent to Petra, between walnut and poplar trees, emerges picturesque Petri offering spectacular views. The road will lead you to the legendary “Achillopigada”, Spring of Achilles, either by yourself or with an organized group; you can enjoy western Lesvos the so called path of Orpheus.
Starts from Petra and follows the northern coast of the island and ends in Sigri. The route is divided into 4 hiking trails which are:
Petra - Ligionas - Petri 5km. Inside the shady area of vegetation, lies the charming valley - gorge with virgin natural environment, rich wildlife (squirrels, turtles, blackbirds, hawks), Flora (walnut, wildflowers, oak trees, oleanders), lava formations and many water springs.

Skalochori - Gavathas: 15 km.
Gavathas - Lygeri- Lapsarna: 7.4 km.
Lapsarna - Sigri: 14 km.
Traditional Villages
Going to the small village of Petri, a distance of about three kilometers from our hotel, with the 15 stone-mills in the east, you will find a rock with a big hole in the middle, where, as they say, the ship of Achilles tied during Trojan expedition. Nearby is a large stone fountain, known as the Spring of Achilles (Achillopigada). In the small village you will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the island when the sun dives into the sea.

Lafionas is a traditional village, southwest of Petra, five kilometers away from Clara Hotel. Built on a hill and has a breathtaking view of Petra and Molyvos.

In the municipality of Petra also encounter Stypsi, a traditional “overhanging” village with two churches and the rock of St. George, with spectacular view of Petra.

Ipsilometopo, this small green village will meet west, at the northern end of the island. Full of plums, has his sights turned to the great golf of Kalloni.

The traditional village of Molyvo, a protected village by Unesco, with its Medieval Castle at the top of the village, the hanging balconies with magnificent views and its picturesque harbor, is just 7.5 km from our hotel. The medieval castle of Gatelouzoi regarded as one of the best preserved Castles in the eastern Mediterranean.
Bird Watching
Anaxos area
This north coastal area of the island is isolated and can be good for migrants and passage raptors.

Petra and Molivos
North of Kalloni on the north coast, is the main area on the island for Rüppell’s Warbler.
Search the scrubby areas, north of Petra at Kavaki at the unique building of the area ‘Gatelouzoi’ , today OXY Club,  which looks like a ship, ready to sail away!
Just above this building is the best place to search. You can take a magnificent  look down over the Bay of Kavaki and Cape Kavaki (headland) and up across the road to the hillside (Rachona Hill). Both excellent for Rüppells as also for migrants birds.
The cistern at Perasma is again in use and attracts many waterbirds. Black-nekced Grebe, which are bred from 2009, can often be seen here in autumn and winter time, Ruddy Shelduck bred and the whole area is good for migrants birds.
River Warbler has been recorded here on several occasions.

Petra to Kila – inland via Stipsi and Pelopi below Mount Lepetimnos.
An excellent area in spring and autumn to look for migrant raptors.

Molivos to Skala Sikaminias
Molivos is a good area to watch for raptors in spring and autumn.
Follow the road east through Efthalou (check the sea for shearwaters and dolphins) and then follow the coastal track east to Skala Sikaminias. The valleys along this coast can be excellent for migrants birds. You can watchRaptors and it is one the best areas to see Audouin’s Gull (inc. around the harbour village of Skala Sikaminias). It is also a very good place to see butterflies including Cleopatra.
Area Attractions: